Robin Thomas

Deceased Regents' Professor
School of Mathematics
Georgia Institute of Technology
Atlanta, Georgia 30332
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Mathematical Interests:

Graph theory (including infinite graphs), Combinatorics, Combinatorial Optimization, Algorithms

Recent research:

The Four Color Theorem and its generalizations, Hamiltonian graphs on surfaces, embeddings of graphs, topological and structural graph theory, disjoint paths in graphs, matchings and Pfaffian orientations, efficient algorithms, perfect graphs. Research sponsored by the National Science Foundation.

Recent manuscripts:

  1. K_6 minors in 6-connected graphs of bounded tree-width (with K. Kawarabayashi, S. Norin and P. Wollan), arXiv:1203.2171 link to article
  2. List-coloing apex-minor-free graphs (with Z. Dvorak), arXiv:1401.1399.
  3. Excluded minors in cubic graphs (with N.Robertson and P.D.Seymour), arXiv:1403.2118.
  4. Three-coloring triangle-free graphs on surfaces IV. Bounding face sizes of 4-critical graphs (with Z. Dvorak and D. Kral), arXiv:1404.6356.
  5. Girth six cubic graphs have Petersen minors (with N.Robertson and P.D.Seymour), arXiv:1405.0533.
  6. Excluding subdivisions of bounded degree graphs (with C.-H. Liu), arXiv:1407.4428, link to article.
  7. Three-coloring triangle-free graphs on surfaces V. Coloring planar graphs with distant anomalies (with Z. Dvorak and D. Kral), earlier version arXiv:0911.0885.
  8. Three-coloring triangle-free graphs on surfaces VI. 3-colorability of quadrangulations (with Z. Dvorak and D. Kral), arXiv:1509.01013.
  9. Three-coloring triangle-free graphs on surfaces VII. A linear-time algorithm (with Z. Dvorak and D. Kral), arXiv:1601.01197.
  10. The Gyori-Lovasz theorem (with A. Hoyer), arXiv:1605.01474.
  11. Five-list-coloring graphs on surfaces III. One list of size one and one list of size two (with L. Postle), arXiv:1608.05759.
  12. Hyperbolic families and coloring graphs on surfaces (with L. Postle), arXiv:1609.06749, link to article.
  13. The extremal function for bipartite linklessly embeddable graphs (with R. McCarty), arXiv:1708.08439. Link to published version.
  14. Minors of two-connected graphs of large path-width (with T. N. Dang), arXiv:1712.04549.
  15. The extremal functions for triangle-free graphs with excluded minors (with Y. Yoo), arXiv:1801.06887, link to article.
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